Selling a property at auction

Are you considering selling your property at auction?

We strongly suggest that you get thorough professional advice prior to selling property at auction. Timely and professional advice from Sydney Conveyancing can assist you with making the most of selling your property at auction. 

One of the important aspects of sale of property by auction is that there will be no cooling off period. Given that the potential bidders or purchasers will want to complete their due diligence often including property inspections, finance approval, contract review & amendments before attending auction, we prepare in advance for this phase whereby we're encourage all potential purchasers and/or bidders by promptly assisting them get ready for auction.

Sydney Conveyancing provide a complete conveyancing solution for our clients selling property at auction. From preparing the contract, explaining the entire process to you, keeping you well informed at every step all the way to settlement and beyond. Our experienced conveyancers will assist you promptly, always keeping your legal interests in mind.