Selling a property

Are you ready to sell your property? Wondering where to start?

Buying a property conveyancing

Once you have decided to sell your property we can assist you through the entire process. When you contact us we:

  • ask you for information about the property such as inclusions, exclusions, any specific special conditions for the contract such as specific settlement period. We then promptly prepare the draft contract of sale and email it to you for a brief review and for you to clarify all your queries and/or concerns.
  • upon your approval the contract is emailed to your nominated real estate agent so they can start marketing the property. If you're selling your property without involving a real estate agency, we email the complete contract to you and you can issue it to any potential purchaser for their review & due diligence. Usually contract is ready within 5 - 7 work days but depends on how quickly we receive the Planning Certificate from the local council.
  • once a purchaser is found we can assist in signing and exchange of contracts.
  • we promptly respond to any communication from potential purchasers.
  • work closely with you to get these initial steps done in a timely and prompt fashion especially in a scenario where they are attending an auction or purchasing a property in a pre-auction offer.
  • we assist you during the entire process starting with contract preparation all the way to settlement and beyond.

Mortgage discharge

As the seller or vendor if you have a mortgage on your property, it is important to begin the mortgage discharge process early so your financial institution or bank is ready for settlement in time. We will assist you to discharge your mortgage.

We provide a complete solution to our clients selling property from contract preparation all the way to attending settlement and beyond. At Sydney Conveyancing your satisfaction is the most fundamental measure of success. Our experienced conveyancers will assist you promptly, always keeping your legal interests in mind.